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Ming Da products from the Mei Xing Factory.
    The manufacturer specially producing valve amplfier products in China. The Factory opened in 1991. Our factory has a wide range of production equipment for making our own transformers and chassis components. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries around the world.

The main features of our products are as follows:

A. Heavy weight Stainless steel and alloy plate construction. Many models are supplied with an attractive stainless steel & Plexiglas valve cover.

B、 Hand built and wired."Point to Point" wiring using high quality copper cable and American made Teflon silver cable for audio signals.

C、 We use high quality valves including Chinese made Shuguang, Russian Electro Harmonix, Sovtek, and Slovakian JJ. All our valves are matched, tested and aged for more than 60 hours to assure the nice and reliable performance of our amplifiers.

D、 Electronic components like audio signal capacitors, electrolytic power capacitors, and resistors are chosen to make sure the nice audio qualities, performance and reliabilty.

E、 The input and output connections are made in Taiwan, fabricated from copper based K gold plating, with good contact performance and oxidation resistance.

F、 We have our own “in house” design and production facilities for manufacturing output and power transformers. We use the fine materials including Zll and H18 long grain annealed and directed steel sheets, Hand wound with low-oxygen copper cable. Our transformer designers have many year experience in the audio field. This combination of design, materials and skill enables

us to manufacture output transformers with the higher sonic qualities and power tranformers that are very efficient and reliable, with lower noise. At the Las Vegas Audio & Electronics Fair in 2001, a Mei Xing power amplifier from our factory was acclaimed as “Amazing Audio work”.

G:We manufacture a wide range of amplification equipment including:
Integrated amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, phono pre-amplfiers and our new range of loudspeakers. A wide range designs are available using many popular output valves including EL 84, EL34, 805, 845, 300B, KT88 ect.

H:Ming Da products have had distinct appearance, which has been well received throughout the world.

   In order to produce higher quality products, we purchased our own CNC machining center
with numerically controlled lathes to produce chassis which takes our products to a new level.











TEL: 86-756-3315656  FAX:86-756-3317676
Add:#17 Nanteng Street. Qi Ao Island, Zhuhai, Guangdong China